2018 Online Registration

WS runs from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th.

The prices below cover your camping fees for the duration of the event, wood for the shared fire pit(s), the rental of the venue and it’s various accoutrements (such as the canopies for workshops), and the supplies for the event (such as the paper program, temple and ritual objects, cooking implements etc). The staff and presenters are volunteers.

If you wish to camp for longer than these dates, such as arrive Thursday or leave Monday, you are very welcome to do so. Please bring cash to cover the regular camping rates for these extra days. See the Raven’s Knoll website for more information on regular camping.

Online registration will run from April 1st to May 15th. We do not give refunds, please do not register and pay online if you are not certain of your attendance.

Total number of people (age 7 and up) that you are registering, including yourself.(required)

Total number of adults (18+) you are registering to participate at the Witches' Sabbat. Cost: $60 each for online registration and payment. Price will change to $65 (cash only) each at the door.

Number of Adults and/or Teens (age 16+) who will be camping, but NOT attending WS. Please note that WS is rated 18A, people under the age of 18 may not attend workshops or rituals. Cost: $26 for the weekend per person.

Number of children aged 7 to 15, camping with you. Kids 6 and under camp for free. Please note that WS is rated 18A, people under the age of 18 may not attend workshops or rituals. Cost: $10 for the weekend per child.

Optional: Do you want a campsite (or trailer) with electricity? This is per group sharing a site, not per person.You can fit a couple of tents at a site. Cost: an additional $24 for the weekend, per shared site or trailer.

Optional: Request indoor space. Indoor space is one bed space in a travel/camper trailer. These spaces are VERY limited and the priority is given to people who are traveling from far away (such as folks who are flying in) and for people with medical needs. We can loan tents to people who are able bodied but need sleeping space.
These spaces are very basic; four walls, a roof and a bed. There are multiple beds in each trailer, so you may have a roommate and groups can request to share a trailer. Couples and close friends may request to share a bed (we have some large beds), but the price is the same.
You will NOT be charged for indoor space now, you will receive confirmation of your request for indoor space shortly after your registration and asked to bring cash to pay for it. Cost: an additional $12 per person for the weekend.

I understand that I am attending as a guest of Raven’s Knoll Ltd. at the Raven’s Knoll Special Events Campground at 10441 Hwy. 60, Eganville, Ontario. I agree to take all precautions to protect my health and safety during my stay. I acknowledge that swimming is to be done at my own risk, as there is not a lifeguard. I acknowledge that use of entheogens is done solely at the my own risk and responsibility.
I further agree that I will not take legal action against Raven’s Knoll Ltd., Witches' Sabbat at Raven's Knoll, and/or the directors and/or their successors, for any harm that may occur to me or my property for any reason and in addition to resulting from theft, natural disaster, or acts of the Gods.
Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al and its owners, shareholders, partners, agents, representatives and employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage, irrespective of origin, to person or to property, whether directly or indirectly caused by performance or non-performance of obligations of Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al for any reason or by negligent acts or omissions of Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al its agents or employees. I hereby waive and release any rights of recovery against Ravens Knoll Ltd., et al and its owners, shareholders, partners, agents, representatives and employees that it may have at law or in equity.
I will read the rules of conduct within the paper program that will be provided to me upon my arrival. I have reviewed the Witches' Sabbat website as well as the Raven's Knoll website, and I will adhere to the rules and codes of conduct during my stay. If I am registering other people, I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that they too understand, and agree to, the above and will follow the rules. Furthermore, I understand that if I/we fail to do so, I/we may be asked to leave, at the discretion of the staff of Ravens Knoll Ltd., without refund.


We accept payment through Paypal, you do not need a Paypal account, it will accept credit and visa-debit cards. Taxes already included in prices. We are not large enough to have a business account, you'll get to learn Juniper's legal name when you make a payment