A view of the Protection Tree stang from the Animal Within Stang

The Sabbat Stang Song



A gift from Linda Fate Demissy; song of calling/evoking to the stangs in the witchring. If you are planning on attending WS, you might want to take a minute to familiarize yourself with this song. We may sing it a bit slower than in the media file though!


“Sabbat Stang” by Linda Demissy 2016


Chorus:  **To beg a boon – now do I dance – and stir you mighty stang.
Your power place – let me embrace – and bow before your grace.**


Oh hunting lord – the hounds do call – and strike me to the soul.
So wild I’ll be – and win from thee – the Horned One’s hunger bold!
Ancestral skull – of long dead souls – who slept in silent graves.
By blood and bones – we bring you back – to whisper what was lost.
Great feathered beasts – from tooth and fur – who run and fly with me,
Your scales will shine – now swim ashore – shapechanging stang be free!
Oh warding tree – who stands between – our fair folk and our foes,
With terror strike – unworthy ones – to wander far from here!
I am a fool – for only such – would seek the fairy’s way,
So inside out – and upside down – good Trickster guide my way.