A Skull Bearer’s Walk

(Drew was our chosen participant to carry the stang’s skull to main ritual for 2015, this is his story in his words)

My Walk with Bob

As spring is rolls in, I am taking the time to think on the coming events for the spring and summer. It is time to check the gear, buy the needed things for fests and camping. Dreams of campfires, friends and smiles. To reflect on what was learned in the years gone by and how what I have learned can be built on this year to carry on into the future.
Last year as I have done the past few years now took part in an intense weekend. Lots of personal growth, knowledge and sharing of good food was done. The Witch’s Sabbat, the theme being I Shall Go Into a Hare: The Fylgia, the Fetch and the Animal Within.
A theme that was very close to my heart as I have had over the years a great connection with animal spirits and animal guides that walk with me on my path. Each year there is a chosen herb or tree, it just so happened to be Mugwort a plant had used in the past to help with dreaming work.
I would like to share a special moment for myself, I got to carry the Stang for the main ritual. Bob a Deer skull that had been cleaned the previous year as part of a workshop, had quite the journey. I was honored to take him to his new home in the Spiral a natural sacred space formed out of a grouping of young Pine trees. Bob would join the other Stangs already placed there from years past. To be sure he would be in very good company and never be without visitors to give him gifts and honor him.
I am not a stranger to animal spirit work but I was not really ready for the intense, yet gentle and amazing gift Bob was about to impart on me.
As soon as I was handed Bob, he asked (in his way) if we could journey the procession together. I was touched of the gentleness of this act. I know it sounds strange to worded it this way, but permission is so important when working with spirits and here was Bob already to go.
What happened next was a mixture of awareness of what I saw and what Bob was experiencing through his experience of the events unfolding around us. The senses opened up into a level I was not sure was possible.
I was for a short period of time sensing everything as if I was Bob. It was a rush at first, then I relaxed and went with the instincts and energy.
I could feel the other people dressed in masks and making all kinds primal animal grunts and cries. I could see how other spirits were interacting with others in the procession. It was like a homecoming with a bittersweet ending. Bob was excited to be part the energy of Raven’s Knoll.
What I was expected fear and confusion, such was not the case a sense of peace and understanding was felt throughout the walk as well as the following ritual. More though for myself it was greater sense of connection to all life.
A great appreciation of the work that must have gone into making Bob feel the way he did.
With this in mind I can not wait to see what experiences await me in a few months time.
And of course be part of an amazing experience and grow even more.
And of course to say hello to Bob again.