How Can I Help?

Every year, we have wonderful people asking how they can lend a hand during the event. This is fantastic and we are very grateful. Here is a short list of things that you can do to help WS run smoothly, they only take a few minutes, but are a big help. If you see that one of these thing needs to be done, please go for it.

* Donate items. To keep our entry fees under $100, WS runs on a shoestring budget. Our largest expense is supplies, of course. So if you have an excess of candles, incense, camp safe cooking utensils and serving bowls, herbs, tea, offering dishes, bells, rattles, altar cloths, scissors, ribbon, yarn, feathers, fabric, hides, fur, incense holders, old cauldrons, etc … we can put them to good use!

* Take care of each other. People can be so excited, and so afraid to miss anything, that they neglect to take care of themselves. A small gesture like fetching water, loaning a blanket, or making a sandwich can be a big help.

* Tidy up the washrooms. Just ask a staff member for the cleaning supplies and they will get you set up. Wipe the counters, replace toilet paper, empty garbages into the big bins, wipe toilet seats, replace toilet paper rolls.

* Tidy up the tables. As we grab snacks and make arts and crafts, this area will get messy. Wash dishes, toss garbage, sort recycling, organize the space, wipe up spills. If you don’t know how to properly care for cast iron, leave the cauldrons alone! Before night falls, place any food items away in the blue tubs or coolers found under the tables.

* Tidy up workshop spaces, aka the Houses. Don’t mess with other people’s stuff, but you can remove garbage or recycling, wipe up spills, and organize or help put away items after a workshop has finished.

* Offer to help the Potluck Coordinators. Give them a break from slaving over cauldrons! Stir the pots, prep food, wash dishes, put food into serving bowls, whatever they need so that they can take a break.

* Offer to give the Firekeepers a break. They might be choosy about who they allow to take over for a bit (for obvious safety reasons), but it doesn’t hurt to ask. They may need help splitting fire wood, or preparing kindling.

* Make tea or juice. At the kitchen tables, you’ll find all the fixings for making hot tea, iced tea, and juice. If you see that we are running low, go for it! Water taps are easily found.

* Do a “litter check”. Somehow small bits of garbage wind up on the ground around the Standing Stone Grove and our nearby camping areas. Do a quick walk around and pick up any that you find.

* If you see people carrying things, or loading a vehicle, offer to help.

* If you see someone setting up camp, or tearing down their site, offer to help.

* Help pack up after rituals. If you are the kind of person who finds it grounding to tidy up, then please stick around after a ritual and help us put away the gear and bring it back from the ritual site.

* Change the garabges and recycling. There’s the big bins at the edge of the Grove, if you see them getting full, the staff can tell you where to find replacement bags and where to put the full ones.

* Light candles. As the sun sinks and it starts to get dark, light the tea light lanterns on the tables of the Houses and Temple. Remember to put them out as everyone is going to bed. Replacement candles will be in one of the blue tubs full of supplies.

* Tend to the spirits. The offering dishes in the Temple should never be empty. Keep the incense burning. Visit and offer prayers. Happy spirits help us when we need it, such as during ritual.

* Please note that if you are camping with a friend, teenage child, or partner who is not attending the event but they would like an excuse to hang out around the area, they are welcome to assist with the prep and cooking of the pot luck meal, and help us eat it as well!