The Spiral, the Witchring and the Stangs Within

Take a long walk up Yellow Brick road and you will find a cut path leading into a young pine forest. Near the entrance is a rotting hay bale, it is a common practice to give a small offering here before walking the spiral. Proof that you will be a gracious guest to the wild spirits who make this forest their home.

The walk along the spiral path often takes longer than expected and it’s easy to lose your sense of direction. We do not recommend leaving the path and trying to cut through the trees, people have been known to wander longer than planned, and wind up coming out of the trees in a difference part of the land than they thought they would.

At the centre of the spiral you will find the witchring. Within the witchring stand the stangs created during previous Witches’ Sabbats.

The Horned Lord stang (WS 2013)boasts a fine stag skull with a wig made of sheep’s wool, horse hair and strips of goat skin, He wears a white tunic.

The Ancestor stang (WS 2014) features a beaver’s skull, a double fork, and a hand woven shawl.

The Fetch and Fylgja stang (WS 2015) has a young buck’s skull (hail Bob), a coyote mask, and is draped in layers of animal skins and fur.

The Tree of Protection stang (WS 2016) is black and twisted but adorned with colourful protection charms that guard the Knoll.

The Loki stang (WS 2017) is adorned with imagery from the lore, tarot cards, beads, a wreath, snake bones, and various bits and pieces. Additionally, we placed a Trickster stang in another sacred site that same year; you can find it in the Trickster Shrine, boasting a racoon skull.

The stangs are frequently visited during the festival season at the Knoll, folk leave offerings at the feet of the stangs or hang something upon them. The witchring within the spiral is one of the popular ritual sites at gatherings, even though it’s a bit of a walk. At Kaleidoscope Gathering, little boys have been seen playing amongst the stangs, and defending them valiantly from squirrels and imaginary monsters.

As the years go by, eventually each stang will degrade and begin to fall apart. Once a stang has gotten to the point that it is no longer useable, we will revisit that year’s theme. From a different perspective, building upon the things that we have learned and experienced. Then, a new stang will be created and the old one will be given over to the unseen.

Offerings are always welcome, either placed at the foot of a stang or hung upon it. Please do not burn anything in the witchring without permission, only you can prevent forest fires!