Entry & Camping Fees

Attendance for WS will be $65 (cash only) for each person aged 18 or over. This will cover your basic camping fees for the weekend, the wood we use in the fire pit, basic supplies for the event and so forth.
If you pre-register online (through paypal), the costs will be $60. Pre-registration will be open April 1st to May 15th. Pre-registrations are non-refundable, so don’t pre-register if you feel there is a chance you can’t make it.
This weekend will be an ongoing ritual, each activity part of a greater whole. Due to this, there will be no day passes permitted. Participants must be able to attend for the full weekend. We do allow late arrivals on Saturday morning, if you absolutely cannot make it on Friday. The same rate applies for late arrivals.

If you want a site that has electricity, it is an extra $24 for the weekend.

We have some indoor space, in the form of travel/camper trailers. These spaces are limited and the priority is given to people who are travelling from far away (such as folks who are flying in) and for people with medical needs. These are very basic; four walls, a roof and a bed. There are multiple beds in each trailer, so you may have a roommate and groups can request to share a trailer. For indoor space, it is an extra $12 for the weekend.

If you have a friend or partner who will not be attending WS, but who wants to camp at the Knoll with you, they will be charged the regular camping rates for Raven’s Knoll, you can learn more about their pricing here: http://ravensknoll.net/rk/reservations/