Rules & Safety

Please read these rules as they are meant to maintain the well-being and safety of everyone attending.

1. As Raven‘s Knoll has not yet succeeded in becoming a sovereign state, all laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario apply to everyone at WS.
2. Fees for leaving bags of garbage and recycling are: Garbage $2/bag, $1/bag for recycling, LCBO free.
3. No illegal substances, firearms or pyrotechnics (sparklers excepted) are allowed.
4. If you put the safety or well-being of others at risk, creating a hazard to the site or a situation that could have a hazardous outcome, you will be asked to leave.
5. RK is a safe space. Sexually aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
6. No underage drinking of alcohol is permitted. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. (Years from past lives do not count toward legal drinking age.)
7. Children under the age of 18 are NOT permitted to attend workshops or rituals. This is an intensive for adults. They may attend the Bardic Fire, meals and breaks.
8. Parents are responsible for their under-18 children at all times. Parents who do not, in the opinion of the organizers, exercise good parental care of their children will be asked to leave. Children under 10 must be supervised at all times.
9. No child under age 12 may be left unattended near ANY body of water on the site. Children MUST be supervised by an adult at the beaches. The swimming area is not supervised so you swim at your own risk. No swimming in the Sacred Well. No swimming at night.
10. Don‘t dig or create any additional fire pits or scavenge fire wood from Raven‘s Knoll property.
11. No glass bottles around the Main Drumming Fire Pit. Remember that dancers may be barefoot.
12. You can use your personal canoes and kayaks, but no motorized boats are permitted during WS. All Ontario boating rules must be obeyed.
13. Rule 13 is not permitted under federal, provincial and universal law. Fnord.
14. Respect privacy. No video cameras, and do not photograph anyone, including people in the background, without their prior consent (even with a camera phone). This includes rituals and group shots. Videos and unwelcome photos will be erased, and offenders may be asked to leave.
15. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all cabins, buildings and the children‘s area(s). You can smoke anywhere else on the site as long as you dispose of your cigarette butts in a fire-safe and environmentally-friendly way. (Use the butt cans provided).
16. There is no bathing, washing of clothes or dishes, etc. in the river or pond. (And definitely not in the Sacred Well.) Do not clean your dishes in the bathrooms or you will find yourself on bathroom duty!
17. You may be skyclad at the common fire pit at night and in your own campsite area. Be aware the river is public. Boats may occasionally pass by and neighbours do use the river in view of our beach area. In keeping with community standards, we ask that you respect the norms of the host/muggle community of which we are privileged to be a part, and ask that everyone not be naked and women not be topless in the beach area. However, the pond is clothing optional. Nursing mothers may bare their breasts anywhere, of course.
18. Except at the discretion of WS Staff, please do not use electrically amplified musical instruments, radios, car stereos, etc.
19. Respect our neighbours – stay on Raven‘s Knoll land. Trespassing on neighbours‘ property will be considered a serious transgression of hospitality.
20. Respect yourself and others. Be respectful of all sacred sites.
21. This is a private gathering; the organizers and Stewards of the land have the right to enforce these rules. Anyone violating these rules shall be expelled without refund.