Schedule WS 2014

The Witches Sabbat at Raven`s Knoll 2014 Program





3pm   Registration Opens Free Time


7pm   Opening Ritual. Offering: land spirits. Optional offering: ancestors and folk fire. Free Time 9pm  Bardic Circle & Opening Ritual Continued.  Offering: Payment for the Crone/Ancestors Saturday

10:30am  Stone soup prep at the keystone fire pit. 11am – 4pm  Workshops and discussion circle, with casual breaks between.  * Working with Bones * Practical Tips for the Modern Witch  * All about Bog Myrtle
Saturday continued
* Ancestor Discussion
4pm  Divination and the ancestors. (Lead by Judith) 5pm  Main ritual discussion. Free Time  8pm  Construction of the stang 9pm  Main Ritual. Offering: for Bessie 11pm Folk Fire Sunday


11am  The Nine Herbs Charm. (Lead by Erik) 1pm  Closing Ritual. Optional offering: land spirits and ancestors. Free Time 3pm Discussion and planning circle.
*** Events will be announced by the ringing of a bell to gather the folk. Times are subject to the whimsy of witches ***