Witches' Sabbat at Raven's Knoll. Horned Lord stang in early spring

The Stang Bearer 2013

Click here to read a blog post written by the stang bearer from 2013…

“As the stang-bearer, I entered last, and could not see the path before me. The Horned Lord’s robe hung before my face, and I simply walked forward in silence, eyes down and followed the sound of drumming and chanting as the sun set, safely guided by Juniper and Grey. The spiral went on and on. I could see the shapes of humans beside me, deeper into the path, but I could not tell each from another. I could hear their song, and the drums they chanted over, but every time I felt that I was closing in on them, the path stretched on and on ahead of me.

I finally arrived, and cries flew up into the darkening sky …”