What About Food?

The event fees do not cover food, so you’ll have to pack your own. We encourage folks to bring mostly food that requires minimal preparation and can be eaten “on the go” as WS is a busy weekend!
We do a stone soup & potluck on the Saturday for lunch, which hopefully leaves enough for everyone to have dinner on Saturday and possibly brunch on Sunday. There is always enough for everyone, and we track ingredients so that people with allergies and food restrictions still get a hearty and yummy meal. From the contributions that people bring we create a variety of soups, salads and stir frys, on top of any snacks, desserts, or drinks folks contribute.

We will post a potluck planning thread on the WS Facebook group a few weeks before the event. Here is an idea of what can be good to bring (you really only need to bring a small amount):
A few carrots, or
A couple of potatoes
A head of lettuce
A bag of peas
A package of stewing beef
A bag of dinner rolls
Some herbs and spices
A bulb of garlic
A bottle of oil, vinegar, sauce, or salad dressing
… you get the idea!
You can place any snacks and drinks that you are willing to share on the “kitchen tables” located in the Standing Stone Grove. We encourage those folks who are blessed with abundance to bring a few small additions for the purpose of sharing with others. It can be something small, such as a box of crackers, a few peaches, a extra addition for the stone soup, or a jug of juice. Many folk who attend our event are starving students, or people coming from far away who cannot bring much gear with them on the plane.

Please note that if you are camping with a friend, teenage child, or partner who is not attending the event but they would like an excuse to hang out around the area, they are welcome to assist with the prep and cooking of the pot luck meal, and help us eat it as well!
The fire in the keyhole pit can be used for cooking, just check in with the firekeeper first. We do have the fire pit going in the evening on Friday, all day on Saturday and for the morning and afternoon on Sunday as well, which is a fire pit specifically set up for camp cooking. There’s usually a few extra fire friendly pots and pans, a kettle and so forth available to use, if you do not have your own. Otherwise people use their own camp stoves, there’s usually a spare one kicking around for people to use if they need one.
The fry truck (YAG) is not usually open during WS, if it were we would still discourage people from eating there. One should not go into an ecstatic ritual with a belly full of greasy fry truck food!
There is a grocery store just 10 minutes down the road from the campground, as well as a liquor store and beer store etc, in the town of Eganville.
There is bagged ice for coolers sold at the campground or at the grocery store.
Some campsites have power for those who wish to plug in a trailer with a fridge or an electric cooler.
We do not stay up until stupid o’clock during this intensive, so pack some booze if you wish, but not a lot! One really doesn’t want to go into an ecstatic ritual or workshop with a hangover.

The squirrels are assholes. They will attempt to steal your food, even toothpaste and shampoo. This is black bear country, keep everything remotely edible stored in a properly sealed cooler or tub.