Reflections on Bioregional Animism, Consent and Power Dynamics

“This past weekend I attended a Witch’s Sabbat. Clay paint on our faces and bodies, we ran in the wind and howled beastly appeals to the sky and the forest, the crows and spirits within and below. I ran barefooted with twigs in my hair along the Wild Hunt. While researching the origins of these devilish Witch’s Sabbats, I investigated the origins of the word ecstasy, from which we have designated the term ecstatic ritual. The word traveled to English from Old French from the word extasie, or extase, and the French inherited the word from Greek, meaning being “outside oneself”. The Witch’s Sabbat this past weekend was like being transported to another age and place with wind and smoke – a lovely place filled with wet pine needles and singing birch trees, where the dance carried you in-between the human and the nonhuman.”


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