About Raven’s Knoll

Raven’s Knoll is a Pagan owned and operated events campground, and host to many rituals, festivals, weddings, and more. There are walking trails, sacred sites, shrines and other goodies, such as a small stage and a few fire pits. It is beautiful and welcoming. Keep in mind though; this is a rustic campground, it is not a place where you will find cozy rental cottages with a laundry service!

When planning to attend Raven’s Knoll for the first time, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

* It is safe to drink the tap water.

* Raven’s Knoll is a sacred landscape, an outdoor temple, and should be treated as such. The gods, spirits and ancestors are watching! It is also a grassroots community project, everything you see is built, cared for, and maintained by members of the Ontario and Quebec pagan/heathen/witchcraft communities. We are not experts, but we do our best and it is all a labor of love.

* Imagine that you are going camping in a pine forest. Just a forest and some fields. Pack accordingly to that as your primary criteria. The key bonuses to this forest is that there is a comfort station with toilets, sinks, and coin-operated showers. There will also be a nice warm campfire and some pick nick tables. Also, some of the sites have water and electricity.

* Indoor sleeping spaces consist largely of travel trailers, and one cabin. These provide four walls, a roof and bed, but not much more. These spaces are limited and reserved for people with medical needs, mobility issues, and folks who are traveling great distances.

* There is coin operated laundry -one washer and one dryer. Unless people are staying for a week or more, most folk do not use them. It’s camping after all.

* While there are fire pits, including one designed for cooking over, there are no BBQ pits. Bring a propane camp stove, pack fire safe cooking pots for the fire pits, or pack food that doesn’t require cooking.

* You will be out in nature, so make sure to store your food properly, such as in a cooler, as it can attract wildlife.

* Wildlife, such as squirrels, raccoons, skunks etc will also be attracted to your garbage. Store your garbage properly, RK does have recyling bins and garbage pins placed around the campground. Composting is not available at this time.

* Raven’s Knoll is situated on a lovely river! Bring a bathing suit if you like to swim.

* Most shelters are tents or pavilions – make sure to pack clothes suitable for all kinds of weather.

* The bathroom sinks are not to be used for cleaning dishes, so bringing a small wash basin that can be filled at one of the on-site taps is wise.

* RK is treed largely by pines, so fire safety is very important.

* Firewood can be purchased at the Knoll, WS provides firewood for the communal fire. Please do not bring any other wood on site or scavenge from the forest!

* Some areas of the Knoll are skyclad friendly, and others are not, check the paper program given to you upon registration or ask a staff member if you are unsure.

* The local landscape features no venomous animals or insects, but there is the odd patch of poison ivy or poison parsnip, sturdy footwear is recommended is you are not familiar with native species.

* There are many shrines and sacred sites around the Knoll, be respectful of these sites and mind your manners.

Travel directions – click here.

Website: http://ravensknoll.net/rk/