Can I Bring My Children, Pets, and Family?

Raven’s Knoll is dog friendly, so long as your dog is a good camper. Dogs must be on leash at all times. Dogs will not be permitted at main ritual or the night ritual, so your dog will need a minder. You are responsible for your pet at all times, including any damages. Of course, you must pick up your pets’ waste.

Kids are welcome at Raven’s Knoll, there is even a play structure there. WS is rated 18A, we will not allow children under the age of 18 to attend the rituals or workshops, as it is for adults to practice their craft without concern of children. Some of the topics discussed at the workshops may be deemed a little too adult for children (even teens) by some parents, so please be warned. While most events at the Knoll are very family oriented, this one is not. We would never turn a child away, however we do not suggest bringing children to the workshops and they are not permitted at the rituals. The event has very adult programming, including working with skulls and animal bones, the discussion of and usage of entheogens, there is a non-childproof outdoor temple, we may discuss sexual and gender orientation topics, and so forth. People who need to bring children can arrange supervision for them either by taking turns with other parents who are attending, or by bringing a friend or family member to care for the kids.

If your family wishes to camp with the group around the Standing Stone Grove but not attend the event, your family can join us at the Standing Stone Grove in the evenings and during other social or meal times.