What Should I Pack?

Please bring:

  • Camping gear and your personal necessities.
  • Food and drink.
  • A flashlight.
  • A food item to contribute to the potluck lunch to be made on Saturday.
  • A notebook and pen.
  • What offerings you might wish to give to the spirits, ancestors and the gods. Watch for the program to be listed on the website – the new one for each year is put up in April, this will give you an idea of what offerings to bring.
  • There will be informal Bardic and sharing circles around the campfire, so you may bring a poem, song, or story to share.
  • Drums and other instruments are welcome.
  • As the rituals will be held in the evenings, we recommend packing the insect repellent of your choice. Dress for the weather and bring good footgear!
  • Dishes and cutlery, a ditty bag, dish soap and a tub to wash dishes in.
  • Feel free to bring an item for the outdoor altar or for the stangs if you wish.
  • This is an intensive, bring some booze if you like, but a party late into the night will not be happening here, sorry folks!

For more information on what you might need, have a look at the camping check list on the Raven’s Knoll website.