Where We Gather

Most of our Sabbat will be based in Standing Stone Grove, around the Keystone fire pit. As you arrive, you’ll notice a few points of interest.

The Standing Stone: The standing stone near the road is one of the many sacred sites at Raven’s Knoll. It is a multi-denominational shrine, dedicated to the honoured dead and the ancestors. The hand-prints, marked in red ochre, were made by all the volunteers who got together to raise the stone in the early years of RK.

The Houses: The large shelters, set up on either side of the grove, are where the workshops will take place. The roofs will give us shelter in the event of rain, and shade from the sun. There will be room to sit at the picnic tables, but we recommend bringing a comfy lawn/camp chair to sit in during workshops. Pillows or blankets make hard seats more cozy as well. Your butt will thank you!

The Temple: The temple can be found near the Standing Stone. It is a place for quiet meditation, prayer, offerings, personal purification and so forth. Many practitioners have made deals with thgirits and entities that they work to do certain things, at certain times. The temple is a place where you can do so.
It is also a safe space where you can step into if you feel overwhelmed and want to take a break in a place where you will not be approached. If someone is in the temple, leave them to their work. The staff may enter the temple while you are in it, but only if we absolutely must.
We will ask that you be respectful of the items placed upon the altar and in the temple, but you are welcome to use them. We will let you know on the first day whether or not there is a fire-ban, and thus if we can light candles and/or incense within the temple. There will be a small side-altar that you can use to place objects upon for personal rituals. There will be offerings dishes on the main altar, as well as incense and candles which you are free to use.

Sharing Table: At WS, we encourage a strong ethic of communal sharing, so any snacks or drinks left on the sharing table are fair game. You will also find the sharing box here, it is for extra toiletries, bug spray, flashlights, clean socks etc

Keystone Fire Pit: The hearth fire is the traditional centre of a household, and our fire is the centre of our home base. Whenever the fire is lit, it will be tended by a dedicated firekeeper. Please do not put anything in the fire without asking the firekeeper first! And please do not light the fire yourself. The wood is purchased in advance, and we do not want to run out.

The Nerthus Tree: Near to the road you will find an old birch’s trunk, and a young daughter birch growing beside it. This has significance to holy mother Nerthus, a heathen goddess celebrated at the Knoll every spring.